History of the Hungarian Society of Parasitologists


In the 1960’s, parasitologists formed national societies throughout Europe. In 1963 the Hungarian Academy of Sciences promoted to establish the Hungarian Society of Parasitologists (HSP) with academician Sándor Kotlán as its first president. The goals of the Society are to support scientific research, to maintain public awareness, and to improve education in parasitology and related fields.


Parasitism is widespread in Nature, thus the theory and practice of parasitology are related to human and animal health issues, ecology, taxonomy etc. Thus most HSP members are veterinarians, physicians, biologists and representatives of related fields.


Since its inception, the Society’s membership fluctuates between 150-230 people plus 9 honorary members from abroad. The annual membership fee is 2,000 HUF, or 1,000 HUF for pensioners and students. In every 3 years, the members’ Assembly elects a Presidency made of 11 members, a President and a Secretary General. The Newsletter of the Society’s Presidency is published 1-2 cases annually to provide relevant information for members. The Society founded a Medal in 1974 that have been awarded to 24 persons to date.


The Society is financially supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and pharmaceutical companies. The Society and the Hungarian Natural History Museum published the journal titled Parasitologia Hungarica between 1968-1998. The Society organizes 2 or 3 local scientific meetings annually, furthermore, it may take the responsibilty of organizing international events such as WAAVP 9th Conference in 1981, and EMOP V. in 1988.

Compiled by Tibor Kassai and Lajos Rózsa


Former presidents:

Sándor Kotlán 1963 – 1967
Ferenc Lőrincz 1967 – 1972
Tibor Kassai 1972 – 1999

Róbert Farkas 2000 – 2017


Honorary presidents:

Sándor Kotlán 1966 – 1967
Ferenc Lőrincz 1972 – 1986
Tibor Kassai 2001 –


Former Secretary Generals:

László Nemeséri 1964 – 1977
Ferenc Várnai 1977 – 1978
Péter Redl 1978 – 1984
István Matskási 1984 – 1987
Gábor Majoros 1987 – 1988
Dániel Bajomi 1989 – 1999
Zsuzsanna Véghné Szénási 2000 – 2007

Csaba Székely 2009 – 2017