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The Hungarian Society of Parasitologists was established in 1964 under the auspices of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in order to support scientific research, to increase public awareness, to improve education in parasitology and related fields and to maintain relations with local and international organizations.

To achieve these goals, the Society prepares position papers related to parasitological and interdisciplinary issues, organizes local and international scientific events, and promotes the publication and circulation of public science articles and books.

Furthermore, the Society works to integrate the veterinary, medical and zoological fields of parasitology.

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History of the Hungarian Society of Parasitologists

In the 1960’s, parasitologists formed national societies throughout Europe. In 1963 the Hungarian Academy of Sciences promoted to establish the Hungarian Society of Parasitologists (HSP) with academician Sándor Kotlán as its first president. The goals of the Society are to support

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