ICPOW 2020 – Regisztráció

Invitáló levél a szervezőktől

Dear Fellow Parasitologists,

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the registration for the 4th
International Congress on Parasites of Wildlife (ICPOW) which will be held
in Kruger National Park, South Africa, during 6-9 September 2020 is open.

  *   To register, click here:
  *   To download the first announcement, click here:
  *   To download accommodation information and the accommodation booking
form, click here:  ACCOMMODATION
  *   For more information and to download the call for abstracts, click
here:  ABSTRACTS<http://savetcon.savetcon.co.za/icpow-2020-abstracts/>

You are welcome to share this announcement with all interested parties.

We look forward to hosting you in the Kruger National Park.

Kind regards,
Prof. Sonja Matthee
PARSA: President

LOC – Sonja Matthee, Heike Lutermann & Iva Prïkrylova


ICPOW 2020 Congress Secretariat
Tel:  +27(0)346 1150 / +27(0)72 587 2950
Registration & Accommodation Enquiries:
General Enquiries:  corne@savetcon.co.za<mailto:corne@savetcon.co.za>


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